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Hi! I use my site to capture details about my own personal hobbies and interests. It enables me to store and access all the information about those in one place.  My top interests are travel and photography and on here you will be able to see and find information about past trips around the world as well as plans for future trips.

I also have a keen interest in IT and Home Automation, using technology to control all aspects of our home. I have dabbled with many different technology stacks over the past couple for decades and these are all captured and documented here.

Finally, I have I used to compete in both forest and tarmac motor rallies and that carer is documented in full here.  Whilst I still participate in motorsport events, this is now more on the administrative side. My active sport now is cycling where I cover around 150 miles a week videoing each ride and publishing them for others to use on the excellent Kinomap cycling app.

Check back here regularly for updates.

Malcolm Surgenor

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Stay tuned...
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